This are my latest results on the OE dbx file format.
I have not completly decoded the file format, but I estimate 90%.
I am still working to fill same gaps.
If I have new results I will update

Arne Schloh


I will try to help anyone who needs help specific to the OE dbx file format. I won't try to answer general questions about OE that could be answered by any OE expert (I'm none). Bug reports will receive the highest priority. Other questions about how to do something I will try to answer in time, but I ask for patience. If you have any comments -- perhaps maybe you know of a better way to do something -- please send them.


You can download my documentation and my C++ source files. I belief that the source files can be very useful to understand my results. But I can't promise that they are error free. So if you use them, be careful!



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