OE dbx file format : 'tree'

The tree stores int4 values. In the dbx files the int4 values are pointers to indexed info objects. The nodes of the tree are the tree nodes. The tree node is the basic part of the tree. Each node object is 0x27c bytes long. 0x18 bytes for the header and 0x264 bytes for the body.

tree node
The header of a tree node
( 1)int4object marker
( 2)int4--- unused
( 3)int4pointer to a child node
( 4)int4pointer to the parent node
( 5)int1node id
( 6)int1entries in the body of this node
( 7)int2--- unused
( 8)int4stored values in the child tree (3)
The body of a tree node contains (6) entries.
Each entry consists of 3 int4 values :
( 9)int4a value
(10)int4pointer to a child node
(11)int4stored values in the child tree (10)

In the message dbx files are two trees used.
They are used to store pointers to message info objects.

In the folders.dbx file are three trees.
They are used to store pointers to folder info objects.

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