OE dbx file format : 'message info'

This object is only used in the message dbx files.

The message info object stores information about a corresponding message object. The data structure of the message info object is the indexed info.
The pointers to the message info objects are stored in the tree.

message info
0x00int4 index
0x01int4 flags ( see below )
0x028 bytes(Win32 FILETIME) time message created/send
0x03int4 if set, number of the lines in the message body
0x04int4 pointer to the corresponding 'message'
0x05string original subject (without any "re:")
0x068 bytes(Win32 FILETIME) time message saved in this folder
0x07string message id
0x08string subject of the message
0x09string sender mail address and name
0x0astring answered to message id
0x0bstring server / newsgroup / message number (list)
0x0cstring server
0x0dstring sender name
0x0estring sender mail address
0x0f  unused ???
0x10int4 priority of the eMail (1 high, 3 normal, 5 low)
0x11int4 length of the 'message' text (header and body)
!!! this value can be wrong !!!
0x128 bytes (Win32 FILETIME) time message created/received
0x13string receiver name
0x14string receiver mail address
0x15  not used ???
0x16int4 when used always : length = 1 / value = 0x00
0x17  not used ???
0x18int4 when used always : length = 1 / value = 0x00
0x19int4 when used always : length = 1 / value = 0x00
0x1astring OE mail or news account name
0x1bstring Registry key for mail or news account (like "00000008")
0x1cdata message text structure. this data is constructed, when a message is read the first time.
0x23string This index is used for the Hotmail Http email accounts and stores a message id ("MSG982493141.24"). I don't know if other Http email accounts are using this index too.
flags from index 0x01
1message body
2unused ???
3unused ???
4in work
6message is marked
7unused ???
9marked for download
10unused ???
11unused ???
12news posting
13digital signed
14unused ???
15with attachment
16unused ???
19unused ???
21unused ???
22unused ???
23thread is watched
24thread is ignored

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